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Your Doula For Grief Welcomes You

Grief Coaching: Grieving Well Leads to Living Well.

Sitting with Grief

Let's take a moment to understand loss and grief. Loss is what we experience and grief is what we feel. 

Loss: is defined as: any expected or unexpected occurrence where you cannot go back to the way things were before I.e, a death, divorce, diagnosis, geographical move, natural disaster - also birth of a child, puberty , graduation, job promotion.

Grief: is defined as: the collection of normal emotions that follows a loss; can include sadness and anger, but can also include numbness, confusion, guilt, anxiety and joy.      

 Adding the perspective that grief possesses a superpower of healing emphasizes the transformative nature of the grieving process:

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Grief is an intimate friend

Grief is a phenomenal life teacher to be respected and embraced for its wisdom. Grief has the ability to get our attention like no other life experience can or will. Grief demands your attention. In its depths, grief holds a superpower— the power of healing. While it may initially feel like an overwhelming force of pain and sorrow, grief is also a catalyst for profound healing.

Through the journey of grief, individuals have the opportunity to confront and process their emotions, fostering a deep understanding of themselves. This emotional exploration, though challenging, serves as a crucial step toward healing. Grief's superpower lies in its capacity to guide individuals through a transformative process, helping them navigate the difficult terrain of loss and emerge on the other side with newfound strength and resilience.

The Wisdom of Grief


As grief demands attention, it also demands acceptance and adaptation. The healing aspect of grief involves not only coming to terms with the reality of loss but also finding ways to honor and remember what once was. In this process of acceptance and adaptation, individuals often discover an inner reservoir of strength that contributes to their personal growth.

Grief's superpower extends to the development of empathy and compassion. As individuals grapple with their own pain, they become more attuned to the suffering of others. This shared understanding fosters connections and supportive relationships, forming a network of healing that extends beyond personal boundaries.

Ultimately, grief's superpower is the ability to facilitate a profound transformation. It teaches individuals to embrace change, appreciate the present moment, and find new meaning in life. While the pain of loss may never fully disappear, the healing power of grief allows individuals to carry the memory of their loved ones forward, integrating their experiences into a tapestry of resilience, wisdom, and compassion.

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